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10 awkward moments every girl has experienced

No matter how confident, smart or ah-mazing you are, we *all* experience those awk moments that make us want to crawl under a rock. But after enough time passes, you’ll find a way LOL at those memories—and everyone else won’t even remember them! We'd bet money, though, that you've experienced at least one of the awkward moments below...

When your crush catches you staring at them

Hey, technically you caught them staring at you!

Shouting the wrong answer out loud in class

Oops, hope no one heard that…

When your mom tries to be hip around your friends

You love your mom, but, boundaries!

Checking the mirror and realizing food is stuck in your teeth

OMG, how long has that piece of spinach been there?!

When a pad or tampon falls out of your bag

Everyone move along…Nothing to see here…

Accidentally liking your crush’s old Instagram pic

*Frantically tries to come up with a plan to get his phone and toss it into the closest ocean.*

When you need to partner up in class and your BFF is absent

"I think I talked to that girl over there in third grade…Maybe she’ll want to work me?!"

When the teacher calls you by the wrong name

To correct or not to correct? That is the question.

Realizing your bra is showing through your shirt

This can’t be happening to me…Why did I leave my jacket at home?!

OK, sure, these moments can be super cringe-y—but in the end, you’re probably the only one who noticed. Keep your head up, and keep rockin’ at life (just like Meryl!).

What was your most awkward moment? Share in the comments!


by Grace Zhou | 12/9/2018