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11 easy ways to be a more confident person

Whether you're meeting someone new, chatting with a teacher, hanging out with new friends or going for an interview, confidence is the key to making yourself stand out and making a good impression. Actually being confident is easier said than done, but there are 11 hacks you can try to become a more confident person.

1. Make eye contact: Eye contact is crucial. Being able to look whomever you're talking to in the eye lets them know you are paying attention to what they are saying and that you aren't shy. 

2. Smile at strangers: Not only is this just a nice thing to do for others that spreads posi vibes, this micro interaction will make you more willing to approach other strangers where full-blown interactions are involved. Aka, you'll be a beast at networking!

3. Have confident body language: Body language is a make or break. It's really important to stand tall and not slouch, to turn your body toward someone when they're talking, to not cross your arms (that closes you off) and to not fidget.

4. Be yourself: This one doesn't really need explaining, right? Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

5. Initiate conversation: If you find yourself in a situation with people you do not know, initiating a conversation with them will not only allow you to make more friends but also lets them know that you are daring enough to put yourself out there.

6. Keep a positive attitude: Haven't you heard? Positivity is the key to success and successful people are often v. confident.

7. Use a firm handshakes: If you are meeting someone for the first time, handshakes are really important. Having a firm handshake shows that you are self-assured and interested in meeting them. 

8. Talk slowly: Talking too fast is a sign of nerves (remember that presentation you just gave at school?). It's difficult not to talk fast, but keeping a steady pace while talking will make you appear calm—and nothing says confident more than someone who can keep their cool under pressure.

9. Smile often: Smiling often—not just at strangers!—shows you have a optimistic personality.

10. Appreciate yourself: Self appreciation is also important. Think great things about yourself so that way you can emit the same vibes to whomever you are talking to. 

11. Dress well: Dress to impress! Wearing something you are confident in is sure to make you act more confident, too—and who doesn't love a cute outfit?!

What's your one trick for staying confident? Are you a confident person? Sound off below.

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by Aarti Sharma | 4/25/2017
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