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6 easy ways to make your week *amazing*

Having a routine is *so* important when it comes to keeping yourself organized (TBH, we'd be lost without our bullet journal schedules!), but sometimes doing the same-old, same-old can become boring and mundane.

Instead of getting caught up in a monotonous daily routine, it's totally possible to switch things up to make every day fresh and interesting. In fact, here's six ways to do just that...

Change up your route.
The walk or ride to or from school is a very habitual process and though it might sound crazy, just by switching it up you're breathing new life into your typical day. So if your parents drive you to school, try asking them to take a different way just to shake it up. If you take the bus but walking would be manageable, lace up your sneaks and walk with a group of friends. Even trying to look at new things on your typical ride (AKA: don't stare at your phone!) or switching your seat will help as well. 

Make a playlist for… everything.
Life is always better with a soundtrack. An "everything" playlist is a great way to keep the day rocking. Pick about 40-50 of the songs that get you the most hype and happy ("Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato, "End Game" by Taylor get the vibe). Every time you feel like dying of boredom, just hit shuffle!

Support something.
Between you school and your community, there are plenty of sports games, volunteer opportunities and generally fun activities—so show up to some of them! It’s a great way to have something to look forward to at the end of the day or week, and you can meet a lot of new people.

Learn a new word.
This one is fun and educational. Picking out a new word to learn daily and then using it keeps you on your toes in conversation all day. Pro tip: There are plenty of 'Word of the Day' apps in your phone's app store.

Take on a workout challenge.
Whether you simply want to complete one pushup a day or take on a week-long fitness challenge, picking fun ways to get sweaty will definitely add a little fun to your routine. Go the extra mile: a new workout each day—spin one day, hot yoga the next—will make things even more fun.

Explore art.
Start a long-term craft project. Make it something you can add to daily, like a piece of macrame wall art or a huge watercolor painting, that will keep you excited to see the final project.

How will you spice up your life this week? Sound off in the comments!


by India Afriyie | 2/7/2018
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