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Have FOMO? Here's how you can cope

Ever have FOMO, aka Fear of Missing Out? Well, it happens to the best of us. Whether your friends are somewhere fun but you didn't catch the invite, or you see your friends on a great vacay and you are at home, it seems like the worst thing ever. But with these tips you can face FOMO like a pro. 

Try not to over-use your social media apps
Sure, it's tempting to turn to Instagram or Snapchat to try and see exactly what is going on at all times when you are feeling left out. However, this is actually unhealthy. When you first see something that makes you feel this way, try closing the app or even, I know it's hard, turning your phone off. Take some time off for you.

Let yourself relax and destress
Maybe take a nice long bubble bath, or spend some much needed time with your family. Do the things you know will make you happy and eventually take your mind off of the FOMO. How about picking up that book you have been wanting to read!

Know that you might not actually be missing out
It seems like your friends are having the greatest time, but in reality, things we put on social media are not always true. Allow yourself to come to the understanding that everyone only shows the good on social media, not the bad. 

There's always next time
Girls are sometimes extremely busy and forget to include everyone, that's right, we are only human! This does not mean that your friends don't like you or don't want to hang out anymore. And remember, maybe this happened to one of your other friends last weekend, when you and your friends made that last minute trip to the local ice cream shop and forgot to include everyone. You are not alone.

Be nice but let them know
Don't send a passive aggressive text that you might regret later. Send a quick text to let them know you would love to hang out next time saying, "Hey hope you guys had fun, I'd love to join you all next time!" Something simple and sweet will do the trick, just to let your friends know you are still there.

In other scenerios, maybe you had to nicely decline an offer to hang out, whether you had a family dinner or your annoying little brother's basketball game. Still even though you were included, the FOMO is real.

Be supportive
Don't let yourself be bitter about not being able to tag along with your friends. Remember that you were invited and you will def see your besties next time!

Don't be hard on yourself 
FOMO can lead us to feel many different things. However, don't let it get to you. This is not the end of the world, even if at the time it feels like it is. You will still see your besties in first period math on Monday.

Start planning something fun for next weekend
Maybe plan a night to go to the movies with your BFFs to see that new Zac Efron movie. Or keep it simple but sweet with a fun sleepover (get fun party games to play at your sleep over here). Whatever you choose, your friends and YOU, will be happy to look forward to something fun next weekend. 

Let us know how you deal with FOMO below.


by Brittany Arendt | 6/3/2019
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