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7 things everyone does before posting a picture on Instagram

The stress of posting a photo on social media is *real*. You've gotta find the best angles and lighting, the most amaze location—and don't even get us started on editing and captioning. Seriously, these GIFs totally describe the process. 

1. Finding good lighting and a good background

2. Take a bunch of pictures so you have options

3. Go through the photos you took and delete the one’s you don’t like

4. Ask at least 5 people about their opinion on the ones you kept

5. Look though the photos again before settling on one

6. Look for the right filter until it is posting ready

7. Finally, think of a good caption and read it over like 10 times to make sure it’s grammatically correct

8. Actually post your photo...and watch the likes 

Can you relate to these gifs? Comment below to let us know.

Photo credit: GIPHY, Instagram/Indiana


by Taisha Khalil | 4/18/2019