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8 things we all do before getting out of bed

Getting out of bed is def one of the hardest parts of the day—and one of the most relatable! Here's what we mean...

1. Turn off your alarm...but don't make any attempt to move

You need at least two alarms to prepare yourself for the actual alarm, and then two more to make sure you don't go back to sleep after the actual alarm goes off. 

2. Scroll through social media

TFW you haven't even wiped the sleep away from your eyes yet, but you still need to see what Johnny Orlando posted to his IG Story...

3. Stretch 

Don't get it twisted: This doesn't mean you'll be getting out of bed anytime soon. Nope, you're actually just getting cozier and burrowing further into your blankets. Whoops...

4. Stare into space...

...and think the most random of thoughts. Some of our faves include:

"Remember that embarrassing thing you did yesterday? Yikes..."
"I wonder if he’ll text me today.”
"I should definitely get a Frapp on my way to school."
"Did I finish my calc homework???"

5. Watch videos

Just when you are about to get up, you scroll through YouTube and see that the Dolan Twins uploaded a new video, so now you just have no choice to stay in bed and watch it.

6. Check the weather

Is it a skirt kind of day or a jeans kind of day? This is vital information, obvs.

7. Think about not wanting to get out of bed

"Just 5 more minutes!" you say to no one but yourself.

8. Finally slide out of bed...

...and realize you're *super* late. Whoops!

Which step do you do more of when you are in bed?


by Taisha Khalil | 4/24/2019
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