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15 ways to change your life this summer

Summer is about more than just a long break from school (even though we're totes exhausted). While we heart a little time in the sunshine, the relatively empty months are the perf time to shape up your life for the better.

Whether it's a slight change in your daily routine or a complete life overhaul, here are a few ideas to totally change your life this summer. Prepare for zero boredom!

1. Get more sleep
It seems silly, but getting some much-needed Z's can make a *huge* difference in your life. A little sleep deprivation goes a long way, so get to napping ASAP!

2. Love yourself first
We heart love as much as the next girl, but dating drama is super lame. You should be your own first love, and everything else will fall into place. Follow your dreams!

3. Eat healthier

Eating healthy means feeling better 24/7, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in a sweet tooth once in a while. Any fruit is best, obvi, but you don't have to swear off Sour Patch Kids forever.

4. Watch some romance movies
This one is fun on *so* many levels. Not only is it exciting to escape into a love story, but it's also a perf opportunity to realize how ridiculous the expectations are for love. You'll totes understand why real relationships don't work that way!

5. Make a world of difference
Sometimes, making an impact is just about changing your routine. You have the ability to make a difference wherever you go, so start paying attention to the mark you're leaving on the world this summer.

6. Learn how to drive

Even if you aren't quite permit-ready, summer is the perf time to convince your fam to start teaching you the rules of the road. It could be fun to take a little spin around your neighborhood (with mom or dad, obvi).

7. Get rid of any negative thinking
Get yourself some #posivibes this summer by getting rid of that negative thinking. Instead of expecting the worst, it's time to get ready to hope for the best! We totes believe in you.

8. Join a book club
There may not be one in your area, but that just means you get to create one on your own! If you don't feel ready to get your own club started, check out Chloe's Book Club and get involved with Chloe Lukasiak and GL on social media! April's pick was "Field Notes on Love."

9. Rearrange your room

Change can be hard, but rearranging your room is the perf way to make a small change that will create a *big* difference in your life routine. It might sound stressful at first, but it can be super cheap and adorbs.

10. Try some adventurous date ideas
Can't drive, or just want to try something new? Compile a list of potential date ideas for you and your crush or cutie, and you'll have a total blast all summer long. 

11. DIY your wardrobe
We heart a good makeover, and it's super easy to get your wardrobe looking fresh with pins, patches and more. It's an inexpensive way to look brand new, and it's totes fun to do, too.

12. Consider breaking gender norms

Summer is bikini season which means, for most, it's time to start shaving. Feel free to continue that hibernation into the sunny months, though, because your leg shaving hobby may just be society telling you what's right and wrong.

13. Start keeping a diary
It can get hard to talk about your feelings to others. Voicing emotions is tough, which is why a diary or journal is the perf way to get them out onto paper without having tough conversations with the people you love. You're never too old!

14. Write your own book

Sure, it's not exactly a quick process, but a great way to spend your long summer days is writing about something that inspires you! We're totes looking forward to the stories you tell.

15. Prep your resume for the fall
Being job market-ready is no easy task, but you can totes be prepared. Start getting together your resume this summer so, by fall, you're totally ready for any internship or job that comes along!

What are your life-changing summer plans? Tell us in the comments!

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by Logan Potter | 5/20/2019
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