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How the Law of Attraction can help you get everything you want in life

The world is becoming more invested in the magic of manifesting. The Law of Attraction is gaining popularity on social media, so we broke down what it is, how to do it and why it's the *perfect* way to start reaching for those far-out goals (hellooo going from new kid to junior class prez or heading on a first date with that crush who barely knows you exist). 

What is the Law of Attraction? In short, it's the ability to "attract" all the things you want in life. The positive or negative energy you release into the universe will come back to you. This can be good (if you believe your ultimate dream can happen, it will) or bad (if you're doubting it, your doubts could come to fruition). 

Ready to start manifesting? Get going with the simple tips below...

Step 1: Scripting

Here's what you need to start scripting: a journal and a pen. Seriously, that's it. It's a popular technique for first-time Law of Attraction devotees because of its simplicity and effectiveness. 

Think of scripting as writing in your *future* diary. You're writing about your big dreams as if they already happened—you and your BFF forgave each other! You were accepted to that *major* summer writing program! You're captain of the tennis team!—in the present tense. Write with enthusiasm, like you're bursting to tell someone the good news: I can't believe my crush asked me to go on a date with him today! I'm soooo excited

Be sure to mention how grateful you are for these positive and exciting life developments. Feel it in your heart. Place yourself in the moment, allow yourself to *feel* your feelings and let the magic begin...

Step 2: Visualization

Bursting at the seams with dreams? We know the feeling. That's why visualization is praised by many spiritual gurus as the most effective method of manifesting. 

If you're feeling too busy and overbooked to focus on your future, try this: Take 5 minutes out of your study sesh (you have 5 minutes, we swear). Go into a room or outside area without distractions (that means *no* phone, books or loud little sibs). Relax your body, close your eyes and simply imagine yourself living out your dreams. 

Maybe you're taking a test in total alert mode—answering every question with aplomb and acing that essay section that always trips you up. The key is to picture *every* aspect of the moment, not just the test itself. What are you wearing? What sounds do you hear around you? What smells or sights linger in the scene? 

Then, go to your teacher handing you back the test: A+, Well done! is written on the top. Feel the excitement and pride in yourself. Bask in the moment.


Step 3: Vision boards

Vision boards (or dream boards) are a fun, active and artistic element of the Law of Attraction. Before you begin, gather your crafting materials and make a list of your goals for the upcoming months—short term (finish up that *major* history essay) and long term (become a published author). Using Instagram, magazines and Pinterest as a resource, print and cut out photos that represent each of your goals. Inspiring quotes count, too!

Finally, it's time to get DIY-ready. Decorate a posterboard with your images and quotes and marvel at your fabulous future. If your BFFs are fellow manifesters, consider making it a group activity! 


Step 4: Affirmations

Sooo you've scripted, visualized and vision-boarded the day away. And still no A+ on that test or text from that cutie in Spanish class. What's going on?

Consider your negative or limiting beliefs that could be holding you back. Sure, I'd love to get an A...but I can't stop procrastinating. They're *never* going to like me back...I'm not their typeAs humans, we tend to make up stories in our heads and assume everyone else thinks the same way ("She could never think I'm funny! I'm the most awkward person of all time."). These subconscious beliefs can easily become setbacks when we let them linger in our brains.

The answer? Positive affirmations. Remind yourself of why you're amazingI'm funny! I'm kind! I'm dependable!—and encourage and support yourself, even when it feels cheesy or forced. You're pulling your thoughts out of a rut and resetting your default mode to one of optimism. You got this!

Start slow and get ready to manifest your dreams!



by Eres Croker and Katherine Hammer | 10/9/2020