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A beginner's guide to healing crystals

From amethyst to sapphire, we’re all familiar with birthstones. But did you know that these crystals and many more are believed by some people to have properties that help heal, cleanse and reset your energy and the energy around you? For instance, black tourmaline is widely used to repel negative energy in the environment, while rose quartz is supposed to promote self-love.

If you're new to healing crystals, you've likely got a boatload of questions. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

How do healing crystals work?

Each healing crystal has its own unique vibration. The vibrations that these crystals carry can help you realign your energy with the crystal, leading to you raising your own vibe. Crystals can also help you manifest your desires. Since crystals help amplify the energy of your intentions, you can bring your dreams and goals to fruition more effectively by working with them.


How do I choose a healing crystal?

There are two main ways to choose a crystal—through your intuition and your intentions. You can totally use your intuition to choose the right healing crystal for your purpose by looking at or feeling different crystals until you feel drawn to one. Though your intuition may be guiding you, some experts like to believe that your crystals are choosing you, instead of the other way around.


Each crystal has a unique vibrational energy, and your intuition will guide you to the crystal that's right for you at any specific point in your life.

The other way to chose a crystal is by matching your intentions with the crystal. First, you identify a challenge you're currently facing. Once you've identified a challenge, you can pick a crystal that has an energy that will help you overcome your obstacle, whether it's anxiety, or the need to practice more self-love.

I picked a crystal, how do I use it?

Some of the best ways to effectively utilize crystals and absorb their energy include carrying them in your purse or pocket, placing them in your home, meditating with them in your hand, or wearing them as the *cutest* crystal jewelry. An amethyst choker is *not* out of the question.


Popular healing crystals and their purposes

Rose quartz


Rose quartz is a universal love stone. There is a belief that in order to experience love fully, your heart chakra needs to be open to it. Rose quartz helps your heart chakra open up to love. This includes self-love, romantic connections, family and more. 

Black tourmaline


Black tourmaline is a go-to stone for all types of protection. It also gets rid of any low vibrational energy surrounding you. You can bet it will do a *great* job of repelling the haters.



Amethyst is a great introduction crystal. Its calming energy will make you and your environment chill. It's the perfect stone to keep by your bed for a good nights sleep, and an amazing start to connect with your intuition.



Citrine is perfect for entrepreneurs. It has the power to stimulate the brain and increase self-esteem, motivation and creativity.



Turquoise can be used to protect against pollutants in the environment and other external influences by enhancing your immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying abilities, making it great for those who live in bustling cities. It can also stabilize mood swings by aligning your chakras.

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by Franca Akenami | 11/23/2020