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Here's the *exact* star sign you need in your life right now

Whether they're a BF or BFF, here's who will be the whipped cream to your cocoa.

OK, SURE, nothing beats a card from your crush on Valentine's Day, but Feb. 14 is also about celebrating all the love you get from your friends and fam, too. And, eep, we'll all need those warm vibes over the next few months.

For one, on Feb. 17, Saturn (planet of structure) in Aquarius squares with Uranus (planet of rebellion) in Taurus, creating tension around those tough-to-talk-about subjects, like money and your biggest beliefs. (Sadly, all talks can't be as short 'n' sweet as a candy conversation heart.)

The good news? Relationships of all kinds can get us through this moment. But the person who might send the most support may not be the first sign that comes to mind. Maybe you need a grounded earth sign to tame your fiery impatience—of a diplomatic air sign to talk through your feelings while also helping you find solutions. Or maybe you just need a fellow water sign to bask in Pisces season with.

Read on to find out what sign you should cozy up to rn. And, because we heart you, we're sending a little Valentine's preview, too. Mwah.

Best sign: Virgo

Why: When the sun enter emotional Pisces on Feb. 18, you feel the heavy energy clashing with your go-go-go vibes. You need someone who won't mind carrying a bit more for a while. That's where loyal Virgo comes in. You'll have someone to check in on you 24/7. And when the sun and Venus enter your sign in mid-March, you'll have energy to give back.

Your V-Day vibe: Mars, your ruling planet, is in homebody Taurus, making you crave a cozy night. Bust out your knitting and queue up your favorite cheesy rom-com.

Best sign: Scorpio

Why: Saturn (planet of structure) squaring Uranus (planet of rebellion) on Feb. 17 is going to be an intense event—and you'll really feel it. That means Bulls will be questioning ev-er-y-thing, which is out of your routine-loving comfort zone. Scorpio, a sign that thrives in digging deep, is perfect for helping you work through all your confusing feels.

Your V-Day vibe: Venus, your ruling planet and the planet of love, is in chatty Aquarius, aka perfect for a long Zoom with your fave Scorp. Pop some popcorn!

Best sign: Aquarius

Why: Mercury, your ruling planet, leaves its retrograde and enters humanitarian Aquarius on Feb. 20. Shortly after, Mars, the planet of action, enters your sign. These two movements motivate you to make a difference in the world, whether it's volunteer work or planning a surprise for someone you care about. An Aquarius will align goals with you, working together toward a greater good.

Your V-Day vibe: The new moon in air sign Aquarius happens just a few days before, signaling new beginnings. Go with the flow!

Best sign: Taurus

Why: With the sun entering fellow water sign Pisces on Feb. 18, and with Mercury and Venus following afterward, you can feel overwhelmed with inspiration. The one downside is that you have *so many* ideas, you aren't sure where to start. Grounding Taurus is great at charging forward—they can help you fine-tune your goals, whether they're artistic, academic or anything else.

Your V-Day vibe: The moon, which rules Cancer, is in a new moon phase before V-Day, hinting at the start of an exciting chapter. Be on the lookout for all things new.

Best sign: Pisces

Why: You're ruled by the sun, which is in artsy Pisces starting on Feb. 18. While Fish's watery energy can clash with your fieriness, Leo and Pisces both have a deep emotional side. That's why the Pisces in your life is a great person to turn to right now. Whether you're collab-ing on an artistic endeavor or talking ~feelings~, Pisces can match your desire to chat about everything under the sun.

Your V-Day vibe: A full moon is in your sign on Jan. 28. If you're going through a break-up (of any variety), be kinder than ever to yourself rn.

Your best sign: Sagittarius

Why: Pisces season is tough because it pushes you deep into your feels (and we know how much Virgo loves that). Plus, there's a full moon in your sign on Feb. 27, symbolizing a big shakeup in your routine. It's a lot to handle, so you could use a touch of lightness in your life. Sags are great for making you laugh and reassuring you that even the most dramatic moments in your life will pass.

Your V-Day vibe: Mercury retrograde has you tongue-tied, so forgive yourself if you haven't told your crush how you feel. It'll happen!

Your best sign: Leo

Why: While Venus is in fellow air sign Aquarius in early February (inspiring you to be more outspoken than usual), Mercury is still in retrograde, which can cause verbal snags. Leo, ever loyal, is the one who will listen to your side of things. By the time Mercury leaves retrograde on Feb. 20 and action-focused Mars enters Gemini shortly after, you'll be ready to make amends, thanks to Leo's help.

Your V-Day vibe: The new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 11 has you feeling bold and ready to be upfront with that person. Courage, sweet Libra.

Your best sign: Libra

Why: Pisces may be a water sign like you, Scorp, but Pisces season can bring out your brooding side. Libra, known for diplomacy, is the person who can help you develop a realistic outlook (while also being fair to your feelings). Thanks to them, you can validate any hurt emotions while working on real solutions that move your forward instead of keeping you stuck in the past.

Your V-Day vibe: The last quarter moon in Scorpio on Feb. 4 has you saying by to baggage. Consider making amends. Maybe with an ex?

Your best sign: Capricorn

Why: Your characteristic restlessness is pushed to the brink when reflective Pisces season tells you to slow down. And when Mars enters social Gemini on March 3, you'll want to ditch all your responsibilities for fun. That's why hanging with go-getter Capricorn is just right. They'll remind you that doing the work makes your downtime so much sweeter.

Your V-Day vibe: The new moon in Aquarius days before ups your need for convos, which means you might be in a super long text chat with someone new (squee!).

Best sign: Aries

Why: Pisces season is great for taking stock of what's working (and what isn't)—except you're not in the mood for that right now. Fiery, ambitious Aries can give you just the pep talk(s) you need to get back in a productive headspace and realize that your time to shine is far from over. Sometimes all you need is some encouragement to feel good as new again.

Your V-Day vibe: Saturn squaring Uranus isn't for three more days, but the tension is real. make (virtual) plans with your closest besties for a low-key V-Day.

Your best sign: Gemini

Why: When Venus, planet of love, enters your sign at the start of February, you feel the Valentine's Day vibes fast. But Saturn (in your sign) squares Uranus on the 17th, making you feel stuck and unsure about things. You can talk through all your emotions with Gemini, a romantic soul. They love deciphering mixed signals and getting to the bottom of things as much as you do.

Your V-Day vibe: The new moon in your sign on the 11th makes you excited to pursue new relationships (or why not celebrate your amazing self?).

Your best sign: Cancer

Why: With the sun, the moon, Venus and Mercury all in your sign, this is your time! You're energized with new ambitions—and feel like meeting people who align with your thinking. Cancers are a great match, because they get past the surface Pisces/Cancer pairings work so well because the communication can feel effortless. Love that.

Your V-Day vibe: The last quarter moon in water sign Scorpio happened on the 4th, pushing you to let go of the past. If an ex who wasn't good to you texts today, question if you should respond.

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by Lily Johnson | 2/4/2021