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We picked a signature song for every zodiac sign

Everyone has that *one* song that makes you totally lose your mind when it plays on shuffle. Your star sign can say a lot about you and what you like and since your weekly horoscope doesn't include what new song you'll love (yet!) we have the perfect signature song for each zodiac sign that will have you squealing about it being your jam every time you hear it on the radio. 

Aquarius: “it’s a good day (to fight the system)” - Shungudzo 

Aquarians are rebels at heart—they gotta go their own way about things. (We see you, Gabriella Montez.) Yeah, they can be know-it-alls sometimes, but who can blame them when they're usually right? Equipped with a raging individuality complex, an uncontainable free-spirit and a yearn for social progress, for them, *every* day is a good day to fight the system.

Pisces: “Ocean Breeze”- Surfaces 

Compassionate and dreamy, Pisces are all about those laid-back beach vibes. (And who can blame them, they are a water sign after all.) They're caring and quite the romantics, so walking along the shore while the sun sets with this soft track in the background is *def* their idea of a good time. 

Aries: “break up with your girlfriend” - Ariana Grande

Sorry, not sorry. Aries can be impulsive and fiery, with a natural knack for leadership, but did you expect any less from a child of the war god? Like this Ariana bop, they carry with them a relentless charm and a magnetic flair. Although they won't stop for anyone, they make the *best* warrior friends.

Taurus: “Dark Horse”- Katy Perry 

You can *always* count on a Taurus to have your back no matter what and they make great school project partners. They're reliable and patient, although they can be a bit stubborn at times. (After all, they are the sign of the bull.) When you really get to know a Taurus though, they have a lot more layers than you'd expect, making them a bit of a dark horse. 

Gemini: “Maniac”- Conan Gray 

The super passionate Geminis are always keeping their friends on their toes with how quickly they can seem to change personalities. They can be seen as being two-faced, but in reality, Geminis are just adaptable, open-minded and *always* ready for a bit of fun. 

Cancer: “My Heart Is Buried In Venice” - Ricky Montgomery

Although they may wish their heart was buried in Venice, Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. Like all Ricky Montgomery songs, they're moody, imaginative and of course, emotional. Despite this, they are probs the mom friend of the group—nurturing, compassionate and slightly psychic. It takes a while to get to *truly* know them, but once you do, expect many sentimental talks and baked goods.

Leo - “Primadonna” - MARINA 

Prima donna, drama queen, diva star. Represented by the lion, Leos are queens of the jungle, and contrary to popular belief, they don't spend *all* their time in front of the mirror (just a lot of it). They put their heart into everything and refuse to accept failure. Despite lighting up every room they're in, they love making others light up just as much.

Virgo - “Good Days" - Sza

Like the practical and attentive gals they are, Virgos are good at spotting all the little details. They're hardworking perfectionists with the magic power of transfiguring even the messiest clumps of information into something neat and clear. Though they just want to help, Virgos can be very critical of people—*especially* themselves—and need to remember to always keep the good days in mind.

Libra- “Pretty Girl”- Clairo 

Adoring art, love, beauty and ruled by the planet Venus, it's no surprise Libras are pretty girls. Like their sign representation of a scale, Libras appreciate harmony and balance in *every* aspect of their life, making them natural mediators. They find themselves in others, giving their fair share of lengthy rants and personal stories while still making people feel seen and appreciated.

Scorpio - “Paint It, Black” - Ciara

Scorpios love a good *villain* moment, and this song totally delivers. Determined, assertive and mysterious, they're usually several steps ahead in any situation. The glimmering intensity in their eyes clue that they know what they want and how to get it, and it's a sign for you to watch out—they're crazy powerful. 

Sagittarius - “Cruel Summer” - Taylor Swift

Did you know that Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius? Like the icon herself, Sagittarians are idealistic, optimistic and excellent storytellers. They're unfiltered, and will always give it to you straight, sometimes too much. Driven by wanderlust and thrill-seeking, they love traveling and hands-on experiences. Plus, their sense of humor is *unmatched.*

Capricorn- “That’s My Girl”- Fifth Harmony

The *ultimate* worker bees, Capricorns don't lose sight of their goals and aren't afraid to go the extra mile for their work. They remain realistic and disciplined at all times and will quickly work their way to the top of anything they set their sights at. They've certainly had their low moments but they always get back up and back to the hustle. 

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by Abigail Adams and Sophia Zhang | 2/17/2021