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What classic movie you should watch based on your zodiac sign

Are you in a movie slump? Fear not! We have a personalized movie for each zodiac sign that you will *definitely* enjoy. Who knows, it might even become your all-time fave. Pop some popcorn and get comfy!

Aries: Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler

This movie is bold, action-packed and fierce—just like an Aries. You will love the excitement and the thrill of being on the edge of your seat.

Taurus: Pride and Prejudice directed by Joe Wright

This dreamy romance is perfect for a Taurus. You love feeling cozy and relaxed, and this romantic period piece will bring *all* the right feels.

Gemini: Legally Blonde directed by Robert Luketic

Geminis are pretty tough critics, but Elle Woods's energy matches you perfectly. You are both social and charming, and this movie will bring lots of laughs.

Cancer: Titanic directed by James Cameron

Bring out a box of tissues for this tear-jerker. An ethereal Cancer like you will appreciate the sad beauty of this enchanting film. (Also, young Leo is a great bonus.)

Leo: Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins

This superhero movie is perfect for a Leo. You have fun and exciting energy around you, just like Wonder Woman herself. 

Virgo: Little Women directed by Greta Gerwig

Virgos will love Little Women. This movie is filled with inspiring women and sentimental moments. You will also relate to Jo's passion and dedication.

Libra: Divergent directed by Neil Burger

Libras are really into fantasy worlds and love to gain perspectives, and Divergent is filled with adventure. This movie is exciting and unique—just like you.

Scorpio: The Devil Wears Prada directed by David Frankel

This fabulous and edgy movie is perfect for a Scorpio. You will also adore Miranda's fashion sense and confidence, because she totally gives off Scorpio energy. 

Sagittarius: Crazy Rich Asians directed by Jon M. Chu

This movie is like watching a party...and Sagittarius gals are the life of the party! You will love the energy and glamour in this movie.

Capricorn: Life Of Pi directed by Ang Lee

This inspirational movie is perfect for a Capricorn. You will love the determination and intensity of the film.

Aquarius: The Martian directed by Ridley Scott

Aquarius ladies will love this thought-provoking movie. You love to think abstractly about the big picture, which is perfect since this movie is set in space.

Pisces: La La Land directed by Damien Chazelle

Pisces are hopeless romantics and love dream-like films, so La La Land would be perfect for you. This movie is super whimsical and delightful.

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by Lily Baker | 4/16/2021