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Horoscopes for June are looking oh-so-good

It's time to kick off summer with these ~oh-so-fabulous~ June horoscopes. Things are looking up (to the stars), girl...

This month, Mercury goes direct in Gemini. Meaning any confusion or disorientation you may have been feeling will soon be resolved. You will feel focused and driven. Make sure to release this focus onto things you really care about. Start making positive self-care changes, do morning affirmations and start journaling. No matter what, stay authentic and focus on your well-being first.

With Venus entering Cancer this June, your love life will feel more energized. Make sure to also extend this energy to your family and social life. Make an effort to express your gratitude to your parents and remind your friends how much you love them. You'll feel drawn to it!

Leo, June is allll about your love life. With Venus, the planet of love, entering your expressive and passionate sign on June 27, you can expect a lot of fiery energy in your love life. Will you finally confess your love to your crush? Will a new summer hottie walk into your life? Combine the loving energy from Venus with the motivational energy of Mars, and June is sure to be full of exciting action and emotion for you. 

Virgos are known to be perfectionists who have a desire to help out friends and solve problems. Your kind nature causes you to worry about others more than you should. So take this month to focus on yourselves and address your own needs.  If you enjoy reading, do it! If you enjoy going to the beach, take a trip!

People born under the sign of Libra are gentle and empathetic. They dislike conflict, so its important for them to find trust in their relationships. Luckily, with Venus in Cancer, it will be easy as ever for you to become vulnerable with your crush or partner and show your affection. In Cancer, Venus causes increased dedication and nurturing. Show your care for others this month by shooting them a text telling them how much you appreciate them.

Scorpios tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves. We’re here to tell you, Scorpios, don’t over-schedule yourselves this month. Mercury goes retrograde from May 29 to June 22, tempting you to give into obsessive behaviors, like always striving to be perfect, during this time. Try to relax in this first summer month. Take a nice walk around your neighborhood or hang by the pool as much as possible. Changes are coming and it is important for you to welcome them with optimism!

Sagittarius is the most idealistic among all Zodiac signs. You tend to wander and crave adventure. Your desire for freedom, travel and being outdoors will finally be met this month. When Mercury goes direct in Gemini, those around you will finally become more open to your thoughts and ideas. Maybe you’ll find a traveling buddy! Additionally, the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 will usher in new opportunities and beginnings for you. 

On June 24, there is a full moon in Capricorn. When the full moon, which strengthens ambitions, is in Capricorn (the sign known for its responsibility and determination) you will undoubtedly achieve success and finish any ongoing projects. Maybe you’re finally cleaning out your winter wardrobe from your closet, or maybe you’re finishing up packing for a summer trip. Either way, you’re sure to check a lot of things off your to-do list this month.

Air sign Aquarius naturally thinks deeply. They tend to make unbiased decisions handle conflict well. This June, make sure to stimulate your mind by seeking platonic and romantic relationships. Reach out to your ex-bestie and see how they’re doing. Without keeping busy, Aquarius tends to get bored, so make a bucket list for the summer with your BFF.

People born under Pisces are friendly, compassionate and artistic. Your empathic nature will serve you well in the month of June. Your ruling planet, Neptune, will go into retrograde, lifting the planet’s fog. Without Neptune’s compulsions for living in fantasy, Pisces will have to live more authentically. Tell your bestie when you’re feeling left out, tell your crush that you like them. Be true to yourself, and to everyone around you. 

This June, Aries will continue their passionate and turbulent journey. The weather will be warm, so you'll have so many opportunities to release your competitive nature. You'll be drawn to your passions this summer, follow these drives. Whether it be playing volleyball or entering an art competition, be sure to authentically pursue your truth.

Taurus, you'll benefit from Jupiter’s placement this June. Your love and social life will flourish. As a practical and devoted sign, make sure to spend equal energy in both social circles. Make sure not to neglect your BFF because of your summer fling!

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by Isabella Albaig and Abigail Hawtof | 5/31/2021