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Your star sign would like a word about your summer

(Psst: It's going to be amazing!)

We're 100% ready for some happy, chill energy to come our way. Luckily, astrology predicts just that—a summer filled with optimism and joy (can we get a "yasss!"?). June starts off with Venus entering Cancer on the 2nd, making everyone prioritize close bonds. At the same time, with chatty Mercury in even chattier Gemini on June 22, people will be thrilled to hang out again. Focus on the things that matter: seeing pals, being outside and unplugging after so much screentime.

One intriguing event will be Jupiter, planet of luck, going retrograde in Pisces on June 20. Pisces is a sign defined by creativity and dreams, so this retrograde represents an ideal time to reflect on friendships, school or the future.

By the time the retrograde moves into Aquarius (sign of humanitarianism and quirkiness) on July 28, seek ways to make your dreams a reality. With so many planets moving directly and occupying the social signs, Gemini and Leo, the mood of the summer is positive and light. Enjoy every moment!

With your ruling planet, action-focused Mars, entering like-minded fire sign Leo on June 11, your summer is all go-go-go. You're making plans with friends and keeping busy, especially after a slow year. Things only ramp up when Venus and the sun enter Leo midsummer, boosting your social life even more. There's a small shift, however, when Chiron (a comment symbolizing hidden wounds) goes retrograde in your sign on July 15. This is your chance to address anything you've tabled for the sake of fun (i.e., tension with a close friend) so you can cap off the season feeling amazing.

Of all the earth signs, Taurus is the one best known for being orderly—you're the type to have a perfectly 'grammable room with nary a pillow out of place. But when Saturn (planet of structure) squares Uranus (planet of awakening) in your sign on June 14, your normal routine may feel slightly disrupted. Don't fear it! This means it's time to take more risks, whether that's going for a long-wished-for goal or picking up a new hobby. With a sign as sturdy and consistent as you are, experimenting and changing things up can be a great way to get unstuck.

Your summer kicks off with a new moon solar eclipse on June 10, illuminating your relationships. As a sign who makes friends fast, you may feel that some of your connections skew more surface-level than you'd like. When Mercury (your ruling planet and the planet of communication) enters your sign on June 22, you'll feel a change in how you talk to others. You might feel more ease at opening up, strengthening your relationships. This is solidified on July 31, when Ceres (a dwarf planet known for intimate bonds) enters your sign. You'll be closer to your crew than ever.

If you feel romantic vibes at the start of summer, you can blame it on Venus (planet of love) entering your sign on June 2. Whether you're into an old friend or someone totally new, your crush is reaaaal. Your normal instinct is to hide emotions, but when the sun comes around in Cancer on June 20, you're more at peace with your feels. Plus, with the new moon on July 9 (signifying new beginnings), you may even consider making your feelings known. Luckily, Mercury (planet of communication) shifts through on July 11, so sending that "I like you" text may be a little easier than expected.

When motivational Mars moves into your sign on June 11, you feel ready to level up your summer. You're a sign who loves to be loved, but sometimes you rely a bit too much on others to extend an invite (and feel really down if they don't, eep). Now, *you're* the one organizing plans instead of tagging along. And when Venus (on June 27), the sun (on July 22) and Mercury (on July 27) each pass through Leo, it gets even easier to take charge of your social life and bring friends together. It'll be a stellar summer—because you'll be the one making things happen!

As a sign who thrives on feeling helpful, it's fitting to take on a job or internship involving some kind of supervising (think: camp counselor or lifeguard). But watch out for struggles with feeling like a leader (because, tbh, sometimes you're more comfortable keeping your head down). The full moon in Capricorn on June 24 symbolizes the ending of things—or a chance to trust your own judgment. Use this time wisely, because when Venus enters your sign on July 21 followed by action-packed Mars on July 29, you'll find the courage necessary to share your brilliant ideas.

The new moon solar eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini kicks off a fun summer of new experiences. Especially when Mercury, planet of chattiness, enters Gemini on June 22—you'll feel even more compelled to spend every waking moment with your crew. Careful, as this could create slight tension at home—your family members may start to feel a little left out. But when Vesta (the asteroid of home and hearth) enters your sign on July 19, you return to your roots, realizing that some of your favorite people were right under your nose this whole time.

You're highly analytical, always striving to understand the people and the world around you in a deeper way. But all that questioning can get exhausting, so this summer is about letting go a little. With planetary action in emotional Cancer (Venus, the sun, new moon and Mercury all enter Cancer between June 2 and July 11), you're pushed to focus more on your feelings. Give yourself space to be in your emotions. If someone's words rub you the wrong way, aim to not react immediately. Then watch as your relationships improve and feel stronger than you ever expected.

Sag thrives on being outdoors and going to new places—and this is the summer to do it! Mars enters fire sign Leo on June 11, prompting you to be more practice about how (and where) you spend your time. This could mean buying a bike, meeting up with buds at the park or pool or organizing a camping trip. Entering Leo later are Venus (June 27), the sun (July 22) and Mercury (July 27), making you feel like a leader in doing ev-ery-thing outside. Honestly, your friends and family will love the encouragement—and you'll be responsible for some of the best summer memories, too.

As a sign defined by hard work and playing by the rules, you sometimes feel like there isn't enough space for you to explore. The full moon in your sign on June 24 pushes you to examine this. It might be something as small (but significant) as carving out more solo time or picking up a new hobby. With Venus (planet of love and luxury) entering Virgo on July 21 and Mars (planet of action) following it on July 29, you can use the slower pace of summer to get more in touch with what you'd really love to do, like going for longer walks, trying out meditation or taking up embroidery.

During the new moon solar eclipse on June 10, you'll look at your relationships with a discerning eye. Days later, Saturn (planet of structure) squares Uranus (planet of awakenings): If you've wanted to make a few new friends, be honest about what you're looking for. Communicative Mercury on June 22 prompts you to put yourself out there. There's a full moon in your sign on July 23 (signifying a big ending), and Jupiter goes retrograde on July 28, making you feel down on your luck. Now's the perfect time to lean into those blossoming friendships—and help them grow.

If you've felt bogged down by something (or someone) recently, this summer will change those dynamics for good. Jupiter (planet of luck) goes retrograde in your sign on June 20, forcing you to examine what makes you happy—and what doesn't. Late June, your ruling planet Neptune goes retrograde. This is the time to look more closely at relationships and be upfront about your needs—or consider cutting ties. Are there people who make you feel like you can't be your true self? This season is about surrounding yourself with those who uplift you.

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by Lily Johnson | 6/6/2021