Dear Carol

"People tease my BFF because she doesn't shave. What should I do?"

Dear Carol,
My friend doesn't shave her legs. All the kids make fun of her behind her back. I want to tell her to shave, but I'm afraid I'll hurt her feelings or she'll get mad at me.
—Can't Break It To Her

Dear C.B.I.T.H,
Maybe your friend is not in a mad rush to grow up and is resisting the pressure others feel. Can you stand up to the other kids? Say, "C'mon, give her a break," or "Who cares about her hairs?" or "I like her—could you please not make fun of her?" It may take guts, but it feels good to defend a friend. And why should she conform to other people's standards? 

If however, you decide to draw her attention to her legs, you could walk through a pharmacy with your friend as you casually buy what you need, including razors, or you could even invite her to join you and a few friends for a Saturday spa—you'll provide the nail polish, razors and shaving cream.

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by Carol Weston | 6/22/2018
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