Dear Carol

How to deal when you have a guilty conscience

Dear Carol,
If you’ve done something bad in your life, like really bad, and you feel terrible for doing it, what can you do to feel like you have a clean slate?
—Guilty Conscience 

Dear Guilty Conscience,
I’m sorry you are struggling with these feelings of guilt, and I hope what you
did is not as bad as you think. Starting now, make a real effort to be good to others and take care of yourself, too. What you’ve done matters, but who you are and what you do now counts extra, I think. No one is perfect, and it’s good you have a conscience and are learning from your previous mistakes. Could it be time to let it go? As for confessing to a counselor or relative, choose your ears (and words) carefully. 

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by Carol Weston | 2/9/2018
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