Dear Carol

"Help! I can't stop being mean to my mom"

Dear Carol, 
My parents are getting a divorce. I’ve been pretty good with the whole thing, but I still have a problem with my mom. You see, whenever I’m with my dad, I’m kind and sweet and never complain.
When I’m with my mom,  though, I always seem to give her a hard time and not treat her very well, and then she thinks I’m mad at her or punishing her. But that’s not true—I just can't help it. But I love my mom so much, and I want us to be friends. Do other girls have this problem, too?
–Divorce Drama

Dear Divorce Drama,
I’m sorry your family is going through a hard time. What would happen if you showed your mom this letter? Or apologized in person or in a note? You can say that this transition has not been easy, and occasionally you just need to vent. I hope she knows that your “attitude” is indeed normal and means you feel safe with her. That said, she could probably use a hug from time to time. And if you give her one, you’ll both feel better.

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by Carol Weston | 8/25/2018
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