Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friend is super boy-crazy"

Dear Carol,
One of my friends is super boy-crazy. She's had about six or more boyfriends in the past year. All she talks about are boys, boys, boys. I feel like I'm losing an extremely close friend, and I would be sad without her. She does not listen to me when I try to talk to her about how she has changed. How do I get through to her that she isn't the same girl she used to be?
—Missing My Bud

Dear Missing,
I'm sorry you're missing the way things were. But instead of trying to "get through to her," accept that some change is natural. You're changing too, and my hope is that you two can stay friends despite your different interests. For now, do things you enjoy together—watching movies, baking cookies, skating, playing music—and keep making new friends. Her boy obsession might soon wane, and your friendship could get back on track. But time moves forward, never backward, and things will never be exactly the way they used to be.

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by Amy Garcia | 4/5/2018
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