Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my BFF is *really* getting on my nerves"

Dear Carol,
I have been friends with my BFF for 10 years. I love her to death, but I've started trying to avoid her. She is constantly telling me what to do. When I don't act how she likes, she tells me, "You've changed. Go back to normal." Also, we like the same guy. He has asked me out twice and I have had to tell him no both times. She said that if he asked her out, she would say yes in a heartbeat. I feel like she is controlling my life, and I'm the only one being a friend in this relationship. What should I do?
—BFF is on my nerves

Dear BFF is on my nerves,
Many friendships change, and you can't force a friendship to go back to how it used to be. Give yourselves some space, and keep reaching out to new girls, too. If you still like the guy, consider making that clear to him, especially since she said she wouldn't have held back for your sake. You tried to play it fair, but rules about relationships are not set in stone. Instead of bending over backward to fix this friendship, strive to add more friends to your future (and maybe this new guy, too).

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by GL | 4/15/2018
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