Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm 12 and I still have a security blanket"

Dear Carol,
I have a pretty big problem: I'm 12 and I still have a security blanket. I know I should have dropped the habit a long time ago, and trust me I've tried, but I just can't. I hide it whenever my friends come over and my mom keeps trying to get me to stop. Worst of all, all my nails are naturally very long and strong, except for my index and middle finger, which I suck on with my blanket. (Luckily my teeth are fine.) I think it might have to do with my parents' divorce and not going through that stage of letting go of baby stuff.
—Blankie Girl

Dear Blankie Girl,
I sucked my thumb way longer than I should have, my cousin was attached to a blanket shred into her 20s and lots of girls hang on to favorite stuffies. I predict you will soon wean yourself off the habit and find a safe place to keep your blanket. (No need to throw it out.) As for your nails, file them all the same length. Growing up can feel like an obstacle course, but many girls have not-so-terrible secrets.

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by Dear Carol | 9/8/2019