Dear Carol

I left a note in my crush's what?

Dear Carol,
I really like this guy in my school. I wrote a note and put it in his desk fifth period. A few weeks later, I overheard him talking to his group of friends about the note. He was pretty clear that I shouldn't have done that. He also said he did like me. He never gave me an answer, and I think he still likes me. How do I fix this? He's in almost all of my classes and his locker is right next to mine.
—Is This Fixable?

Dear Is This Fixable?,
Instead of writing a note to him and a letter to me, try looking at him and smiling. I promise he will smile back. Then say hi. He'll say hi. Then ask, "How's it going?" He'll say, "Good, you?" Then say something about one of the classes you have in common. He'll reply. And then you'll be on your way to a real friendship...or more. In short, rather than taking a flying leap to the finish line, sometimes it's best to take baby steps, one after another.

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by Dear Carol | 4/4/2019