Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friends are dieting—should I diet, too?"

Dear Carol
All my friends are concerned about their weight, and they are on diets and even lifting weights. The thing is, they are not fat. Should I lift weights and diet like my friends? I think I look OK.

Dear Confused,
Three cheers for not obsessing over your changing body. While some girls are truly overweight and should be commended for taking care of themselves, too many others are fit and fine but become compulsive about inches and pounds. Yes, you want to look and feel good, but it is a brain drain to spend too much time checking the scale and counting calories. Not to mention, some diets are downright dangerous. Avoid junk food and double desserts—but avoid fad diets, too. Exercise in moderation is cool—Rollerblading, ice skating, school sports. Still interested in learning more about weightlifting? Talk to your gym teacher or coach.

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by Dear Carol | 3/14/2019