Dear Carol

Dear Carol, my friend is mad at me because I sent her ex an angry text

Dear Carol
My best friend has been acting realy hateful because I sent this guy a harsh text. He cheated on her and broke her heart. I thought she'd be glad to know that she had someone who would stick up for her, but boy, was I wrong. I texted her the message I sent him, and she got mad at me.

Dear Frenimies?,
Going forward, do not jump into the middle of other people's love lives. Sending harsh messages is nearly always a bad idea, and writing to someone's ex-BF publicly or privately is out of line. Although you wanted to defend your friend, you may have unintentionally made things worse or drawn out bad feelings. Your BFF's heart will mend. Will your friendship? I hope so. Apoligize again, tell her you realize you should not have written her ex, then hope she forgives you. Time is on your side.

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by Dear Carol | 5/5/2017