Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm so nervous for bikini season"

Dear Carol,
My mom is frustrated with me because I am not comfortable in my own skin. But I hate being in a swimsuit, so bikini season is hard! I seem like a carefree teenage girl, but I am incredibly self-conscious. Why do I feel that everyone is going to pick on me? I only feel comfortable when I cover myself in a jacket and jeans.

Dear Cover-Up Girl,
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Very few girls feel totally confident in a bikini. Take care of you body by being active (swim, walk, run, bike) and being mindful of what you are eating and drinking (colorful veggies, yes! Fried foods and sugary sodas 24/7, no!). Then take a deep breath and just decide to feel good about your body as countless self-conscious girls have done before you. This takes practice, but feels great once you manage it. Still want to don a cover-up? Fine, no biggie. But if you can get to where you like how you look, even better.

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by Dear Carol | 6/28/2020