Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friend thinks I'm lying about my period"

Dear Carol,
I just got my period. I told my best friend, and she didn’t believe me. Do you think she is jealous that she didn’t start first? I would show her, but that is gross. I asked if she was jealous and she said, “No, why would I be?” I don’t know how to make her believe me.
-Won't Believe Me, Period!

Dear Won't Believe Me, Period!,
Some girls start earlier, and some start later, but everyone starts. And while the average age is around 12, for every woman who started at age 10, there’s a woman who started at age 15. Don’t let nature’s timetable mess up your friendship. You told her and that’s that, so no need to force the issue. Better to talk about other subjects, like weekend plans and what books are on your summer reading list.

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by GL | 6/2/2017