Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friends are ignoring me"

Dear Carol,
I’ve been friends with these girls since pre-K. Until seventh grade, we were like glue. Now we are in eighth grade, and I haven’t changed—but they don’t talk to me at all. I’ll say hi and they will just blow me off. I don’t know what I did or said. It’s almost like they hate me. I tried to talk it out, but they won’t listen. Please give me some tips on how to handle this situation.
-What Went Wrong

Dear What Went Wrong,
Ouch, that hurts, yet these awful middle school scenarios are all too typical. Advice? Since these girls aren’t thinking about you, you might as well stop thinking about them. Reach out to other girls because new friendships really are ahead. Are there any shy girls who can get to know? Neighbors? Quiet guys? Disengage from the old crowd and expand your social horizons. And hang in there—high school will feel easier because most mean girls outgrow this kind of senseless cruelty, and many other kids come to realize that sticking up for people they care about is more satisfying than being a bystander to a bully. Keep developing your strengths, too, whether you’re a budding scientist, mathematician, artist or chef. This clique can’t hold you back. No way.

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by GL | 6/7/2017