Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I sent the wrong text to my crush!"

Dear Carol,
My crush and I have been developing a friendship and texting a lot. I tell my BFF everything from the topics of our convos to my deepest feelings for him. I sometimes screenshot the chats and send them to her. Last week, I accidentally sent my crush the screenshots instead of sending them to my BFF! He ended up knowing they were meant for her. I feel like it was handled well and he seemed to laugh it off, but I'm still really anxious and mad at myself for being so careless. I'm trying to move on with life, but I'm nervous he's now going to be hesitant to text me. I've promised myself I would never send screenshots again, but how can I make sure he knows he can trust me?
-Text Gone Wrong

Dear Text Gone Wrong,
This is called water under the bridge. We've all been careless, but what's done is done and this mishap didn't do any damage. It may have tipped off your feelings (I'm betting he likes you, too) and it may have served to remind you to be extra careful in the future (and also not to loop your BFF in on every bit of communication. In fact, next time you're with her, talk about other topics (books, movies, her latest crush). As for the boy, it sounds like you both survived. If you like, you can say, "That was dumb and I'm sorry I shared your words. From now on, I'm planning to keep our conversations more private." OK? Now forgive yourself.

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by GL | 6/5/2019