Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I keep track of my things?"

Dear Carol,
I can never remember where I leave things, especially my wallet, which holds my student ID and a credit card. My parents will kill me if I lose those, but I always spend a lot of time looking for my wallet—and other stuff, too. I hate it.
—No Memory

Dear No Memory,
It’s not that you don’t have a memory—you don’t have a system. Decide once and for all that your wallet will always go in your top drawer (or in your backpack or on the shelf in your closet). Then put it there each and every day so you won’t have to look for it ever again. Do the same with keys, glasses or anything else you tend to misplace. If you put specific things in specific places, you’ll save time and anxiety. It’s a good habit to develop now, so you won’t become yet another adult fumbling around each morning saying, “Now, where did I put my keys…?”

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by Dear Carol | 7/9/2018
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