Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, is my obsession abnormal?"

Dear Carol,
When I was little, I loved The Little Mermaid. It was my facorite movie! I would sing like Ariel and watch it every day. Well, I watched it again recently for the first time in years and I have rekindled my obsession. It's all I can think about! I keep singing and replaying the scenes, and I love Ariel and Prince Eric. I am kind of attracted to him—he's the perfect guy! Do I have a mental issue? Is this unhealthy or abnormal? Or is this normal for a freshman in high school? No one can relate to my obsession. I need your help—it's gotten to the point where I Google to find out more about the characters and the making of the movie because I am so captivated by it.
—Obsessed with Little Mermaid

Dear Obsessed with Little Mermaid,
You're not a freak and it's not abnormal to have obsessions at your age. Besides, The Little Mermaid is a wonderful movie, which is why so many people have fallen under its spell. That said, expand your own horizons so that other things win your attention, too. And don't try to get people to understand your obsession, and then you won't have to listen to them talk endlessly about Shawn Mendes or Spider-Man. In short, stay grounded and let other movies, characters and real life events captivate you. Someday take a filmmaking or musical theater class. There is a lot of sweat behind the magic, and maybe you can find work in that business when you're older.

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by Dear Carol | 8/23/2018
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