Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my bestie doesn't want to be friends anymore"

Dear Carol,
My BFF and I have been friends since pre-K. Lately, she ignores me for other friends and rarely innvites me over. When I tried talking to her about it, she walked away. How can I make her understand I'm lonely?
–Lost Without a BFF

Dear Lost Without a BFF,
I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. But instead of striving to make your friend understand, start reaching out to new friends. Can you meet some girls at the pool or rec center? Who else likes to throw Frisbees or go to concerts or bake or watch old movies? You and your BFF may become close again, or you may not. But next time you see her, be upbeat rather than telling her you feel lost. I know it seems unfair, but when you want to get closer to someone, it's best not too come off as too needy.

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by Dear Carol | 8/30/2018
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