Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I get teased in gym class and I'm sick of ignoring it"

Dear Carol,
There is this mean boy in my gym class who is always making fun of me. Once, I was playing volleyball and missed and he yelled, "Oh, God. Not again. Can you ever just hit the ball?" My face turned bright red. I tried to talk to my gym teacher, but she just said to ignore him. I don't think I can.
-Gym Joke

Dear Gym Joke,
Unfortunately, there are mean-spirited jerks in the world. Try to let this be their problem, not yours. It's not easy, but rise above. This guy does not deserve attention from you. Really, who cares what he says? He's lame and immature. Sure, you can talk back, report him or look at him witheringly, but he really is making a fool of himself (not of you). I'm glad you're not the kind of person who puts others down to build yourself up.

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by Dear Carol | 9/5/2018
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