Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, can people smell my discharge?"

Dear Carol,
I haven't had my period yet, but I've had discharge for about a year. It makes my underwear gross. My even bigger concern is odor. I can smell it in the middle of school, so I'm pretty sure the person sitting next to me can. What should I co?
–Discharge, Ugh!

Dear Discharge, Ugh!
I bet they can't smell anything, but why not buy (or have a parent buy) liners at the store? In the morning, put one in your underwear, then throw it out at lunch and replace it with a fresh one. You can tuck them in a cosmetic bag in your backpack or locker. And, of course, take a shower every day, sudsing up with a mild, perfume-free soap. That's all you need.

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by Dear Carol | 8/20/2018
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