Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, do I have an attitude problem?"

Dear Carol,
I am 16 and have been in a relationship for two years. I have an attitude problem. Just recently, my boyfriend told me he was with someone else. I told him, "I'm done." He begged me not to break up with him, but I blocked him from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. What he doesn't know is that I was so mad, I made out with two other guys. I still don't consider it cheating. I am a person of revenge. Now I think we should both go our separate ways. What do you think?
–Attitude Problem 

Dear Attitude Problem,
Parting ways is very sensible because you both seem restless. Besides, it's rare when a 16-year-old finds the person they might be with forever. But instead of saying, "I have an attitude problem," and defining yourself as "a person of revenge," try to redirect some of your energy into becoming a more thoughtful and caring person. Take the time this school year to think about what you want for your future. What are your best qualities? Can you work on making yourself proud? Can you try to become an expert on something that interests you, whether it's music, movies, cooking, earthquakes or the sinking of the Titanic? Can you start a diary or a sketchbook? Can you visit your grandmother, help her with her closet or computer and look at the world through her eyes? Reading novels and self-help books is also a way to learn about people, become a little less prickly and work on that "attitude problem."

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by Carol Weston | 12/28/2018