Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I have a crush on a gay guy"

Dear Carol,
I have a major crush on a gay boy. I don't know what to do. I see him in the halls and I can't help but smile. Last night, I had a dream about him. We always talk, he compliments me and I feel like we really connect. How can I tell him that I like him? Also, is it possible to change someone's sexuality?
–Crush On A Gay Guy

Dear Crush On A Gay Guy, 
Do yourself (and him) a favor and decide that yes, you adore him, but no, you don't have a crush on him. You two can be friends for now and forever, but if he isn't interested in kissing girls, then things will feel weird if you tell him you like him in a romantic way. So spare him—and yourself—that embarrassment, and don't take his sexuality personally. He is who he is. Be glad you know such a nice guy and keep liking him, but not like-liking him, OK? As for crushes, say hi to two new guys this week. How about that new foreign exchange student or the new boy at the bus stop or the one whose locker is near yours and who keeps sneaking peeks at you? 

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by Carol Weston | 9/28/2018