Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I can't handle all of my school work"

Dear Carol,
I'm in highschool now and have so much homework. I'm an A student, but my workload overwhelms me. I barely have any free time because I don't work fast. I also haven't been able to get to bed at a decent hour. I've tried making schedules, but I give up because I get distracted or things take longer than expected. I need help managing my activities. I feel like I'm trying to run up a down escalator while carrying a sack of bricks.
—Homework Horror

Dear Homework Horror,
First, give yourself credit for doing as much as you're doing – it's not easy to balance activities. Second, clock in some time to recharge, whether to talk with a friend, take a walk, watch a movie or sketch your cat. Also, getting enough sleep helps you focus when you're awake, so stop staying up so late. If you're losing steam at your homework desk, switch rooms and work in the kitchen or living room. Even setting a timer can help you stay on course—you will work for 30 minutes, like it or not. Finally, offer yourself a little reward. Take a TV-and-popcorn break at 9 p.m. Then, straight to bed.

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by Dear Carol | 10/29/2018