Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I worry what my old friends will think of me"

Dear Carol,
I'm going to my best friend's birthday party in two weeks. She'll be 14. The problem is that last year, I left our school. All the girls in my old grade will be attending. And to be honest, I'm a lot different. At my old school, I was a little overweight and wore different clothes. Now I'm 15 pounds lighter. My hair is better. I embrace my unique music taste instead of sticking to pop. I even speak differently and go by a different name. I know there's no sense in getting freaked out, but inside I'm really worried. What will my old friend's think of me? Will they be annoyed if I don't show up? I don't want to draw attention to myelf either, since it is my friend's party, not mine.  
—Old Friends 

Dear Old Friends
Have fun at the party. Your old friends may have changed, too. Do not try to show off how awesome you are, and don't dwell on any awkwardness. Just be your warmest, friendliest self and enjoy catching up with everyone. Old friends are valuable.  And if they want to call you by your old name, that's OK for now, isn't it?

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by Dear Carol | 5/23/2018
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