Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm crushing on a what?"

Dear Carol,
I have been crushing on this guy since the first day of school. I told him on the third week how I feel, but all he said was "thank you" and then he asked my name. Lately, he keeps staring at me but never says anything. I'm not sure if he likes me and is dropping hints, or if he's just looking. My friends have put me in really awkward positions where they try to talk to him while I'm there. I don't want to be stuck on him while other potential guys pass me by. I feel like he's playing with my emotions and doesn't even know it. Can you please help me?

Dear Crushing,
You told him you like him, and he heard you. Now smile and say "hi." He might be shy but is paying attention to you, so who knows? I doubt he's playing with you; he's probably just not sure himself what to do next. Be brave and ask if he's going to your school's haunted house event/pep rally/football game. If things don't change in a few weeks, talk yourself out of this crush and move on.

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by Dear Carol | 5/11/2019