Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I don't want to take sides in this family issue"

Dear Carol,
My 18-year-old sister just got engaged, and everyone in my family hates her fiancé. I dislike him, but not as much as everyone else does. The problem is that my mom wants me to side with her, and my sister wants me to take her side.
—Fiancé Fiasco,

Dear Fiancé Fiasco,
Why choose sides? Why not be a peacekeeper? Then again, your sister is very young to be engaged, so if you two get along, talk to her privately. Ask in a nonjudgmental way why she is in such a rush. Or say, "I like his sense of humor, but Mom and Dad care about you, and they're worried because he has no job." Or whatever the issue is. You owe it to your sister to weigh in lovingly.

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by Dear Carol | 12/26/2017
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