Dear Carol

This girl's photo session did *not* go as planned...

Dear Carol,
Today my family went to take some photos for my mother's 40th birthday and, when we got to single portraits, I didn't get a choice. There was one that I didn't hate, but I was overruled by my dad and the photographer, so the photo they picked of me is horrible. For some reason, I started bawling, saying I hated it and I should have a choice. Now I am so embarrassed. What's worse is that the photographer stopped me on the way out and asked what he should touch up to make me like it, and I literally pushed him away. I guess I’m asking: Is what I did really selfish or was it reasonable that I should have had a say?
–Photo Fiasco

Dear Photo Fiasco,
Agreed, it would have been nice if you had been able to help pick your favorite photo. Also agreed, you could have handled things more gracefully, and perhaps even accepted the photographer’s offer. But you know what? There will be many more photos ahead, and I bet this photo isn't as bad as you think. Next time a friend snaps a pic you like, print it out and pop it in a frame. Not a bad idea for Mother's Day—it's just around the corner. 

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by Dear Carol | 3/17/2019