Dear Carol

"What if my period comes and I'm not ready?"

Dear Carol,
I'm going to camp this summer and have no idea when my period is coming. If something goes wrong and people find out, I will die. Please help!
–Period Panic

Dear Period Panic,
Every adult woman in the world has managed to figure all this out, and you will, too. Camp counselors and older girls also can help, and there's nothing embarrassing about growing up. You can put a liner or pad inside your underwear and…done! Then, if you start or just spot, the liner or pad will take care of it. If not, you just throw it away at the end of the day, no biggie. Tell your mom or dad that when you prepare for camp, you want to pack pads or pantiliners just in case. Then you can relax. Everyone your age is going through this, and though some girls start early and some late, you are hardly alone with your questions.

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by Dear Carol | 3/30/2018
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