Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, a guy inappropriately touched me do I talk to someone about it?"

Dear Carol,
A guy and I were the only two waiting to be picked up at day camp. He flirted with me a lot and began to brush against my chest and crotch. He then got even more touchy-feely, shoving his phone down my tank top (the camera was definitely on). I was very uneasy. The next day he didn’t even acknowledge me. I’m confused and I didn’t like what he did. But I don’t know if I should say something to him or an adult.

- Too Much Touching

Dear Too Much Touching,
Please know that this boy’s actions were so very not OK and you did noth- ing wrong. He has no right to subtly paw your body or photograph you. This is a total invasion of your space and privacy. Never be afraid to say, “Leave me alone,” or “Back off” or “Keep your hands to yourself.” And yes, you should speak to a well-chosen trusted adult—whether it’s a parent, aunt, counselor, whomever. Keep clear of this boy. He was trying to take advantage of you—but you have much more power than you think.

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by Dear Carol | 6/5/2018
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