Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I kissed my best friend"

Dear Carol,
About a month ago, I started to have a crush...on my best friend. We had a sleepover and somehow we kissed! Then we had a fight because I told my best guy friend about it. We made up, but she just isn’t the same as she was. I’m losing her. I feel bad, but I know he won’t tell anyone, and I don’t know why she is still mad at me for telling him. I miss her, and I cry a lot. Please help!
-Secret kiss

Dear Secret Kiss,
I’m sorry things are changing with your BFF. Going forward, never assume that if you can’t keep a secret, the person you told will be able to. You say, “I don’t know why she is still mad at me for telling.” Wouldn’t you be mad at her if she told a third person that you two kissed? She’ll find it easier to forgive you if you acknowledge that she has good reason to be mad and that you broke her trust and are sorry. All this may still blow over, though it will be more complicated if one of you wants another kiss and the other doesn’t. For now, give her an “I’m sorry” rather than “C’mon, it’s no big deal” so that she feels heard. You could text, “I miss you and don’t like feeling awkward with you. Want to see a movie this weekend?” Or whatever. Don’t give up on this friendship, but do give her some breathing room if she needs it.

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by Joy Cato | 7/21/2018
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