Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how often should I change my pad?"

Dear Carol,
So I recently started my period, and it’s gross. Like every other girl, I need to change the pad at different times. My problem is, I don’t know when to change the pad. Sometimes I change it when it’s too much or too little. How can I know the right time?
-Period Problem

Dear Period Problem
You will figure this out, and there’s no absolute right or wrong, no “every three hours” rule. Sometimes girls change their pads simply because they have an opportunity to do so. You’re on a road trip and make a pit stop? Great, new pad. Everyone’s flow is different, but in general, a smidge of red? No biggie. An uncomfortable dampness? Yeah, time to change. On a heavier day, you’ll change the pad more often for better hygiene and so that you feel clean and confident. You also can buy more absorbent pads for heavier flow days (and nights), and thin liners for when your flow is lighter. If you switch to tampons, there are still no rules, though if you give a tug and the tampon is ready to come out, it will.

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by Carol Weston | 7/18/2018
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