Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, are smoking and vaping really that bad for you?"

Dear Carol,
Some of my friends smoke and vape—but, so far, I have resisted.
-Smoking and Vaping

Dear Smoking and Vaping,
Nearly half of the adults who smoke try to quit each year, but fewer than 5 percent succeed. Smoking is an expensive, smelly and dangerous addiction. Maybe that’s why, according to the CDC, smoking among high school students has dropped to its lowest level in 24 years. But vaping carries risks too, and nicotine is nicotine, even if it looks like a flash drive and tastes like crème brulée. Don’t fall for the packaging and don’t pick up a bad habit that is unhealthy and hard to shake. Continue to resist—that means you are smart and sensible and your own person.

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by Joy Cato | 7/17/2018
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