Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I think I'm falling out of like with my crush"

Dear Carol,
I’ve liked this guy for over a year, and now he’s starting to like me back. We went on a date recently, and it was perfectly nice, but now I’m finding myself second-guessing my feelings and being nervous about a possible relationship. I don’t want to screw anything up with him or his friends.
-Do I Like Him?

Dear Do I Like Him?,
This happens more than you’d think. A girl convinces herself that she adores a guy and spends months enjoying the idea of him. Then she gets to know him and he’s... meh. It can be awkward and disappointing to realize that a romance was mostly in your head, but it’s better to be honest with yourself rather than get too serious with a guy you don’t like or respect. Nipping this romance in the bud will not be a big deal. You don’t owe him anything, and if you are friendly but not flirty, he’ll probably get the message. If you need to spell things out but can’t quite figure out how to explain that your feelings changed, you could always tell him your parents won’t let you date (sometimes it’s easier to scapegoat your parents). It’s also OK to be forthright but polite and say something like, “I thought I was ready for a relationship, but I’m not. I’m sorry.”

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by Joy Cato | 7/13/2018
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