Dear Carol

Dear Carol: “I don’t fit in"

Dear Carol,
I’m a sixth-grader in a big school, and I’m having trouble fitting in. The other day a seventh-grade guy came up to me at lunch in front of the girls whom I’m trying to call my friends and said, “Why are the rest of your friends popular and pretty and you’re just not?” It hurt me—and my friends didn’t do anything about it. I used to be the Queen Bee. How do I get that title back and my friends on my side?
—Not Fitting In

Dear Not Fitting In,
How does anyone make it out of middle school? What an awful thing for that mean boy to say. I’m so sorry (and not surprised the words stung). But your goal is not to regain a title or to have people you “call” friends; it’s to have one or two real friends—girls or guys whose company you enjoy and who you care about. Is there an activity you can this month? A counselor to talk to about school dynamics? Things will get easier, I promise.

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by GL | 3/1/2020