Dear Carol

Dear Carol: "I'm struggling to come out to my family"

Dear Carol,

I'm struggling to come out to my family. I tried one time, but my mom didn't take it seriously. What do I do?

— Family Frustration 

Dear Family Frustration, 

In a perfect world, moms and dads would always be there with kind hugs and just the right words. But parents aren't always ready to listen when daughters are ready to talk. If you want to try again to confide in your mom, say, "Mom, I have something I want to talk to you about and it would mean a lot to me if you would listen." Don't say this as she's dashing off to work or racing to get dinner on the table. Maybe start a conversation if you are together in a car or private place? If you think your parents might be critical or unsupportive, give the situation more time. For some teens who are questioning, parents may not be the best sounding board. Might an aunt or trusted cousin be a good first listener? A school counselor also can help advise you on how best to broach this subject with your family. 

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by GL | 6/17/2020