Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, why is my BFF acting so weird?"

Dear Carol,

My BFF has been ghosting me. When I asked her about it, she acted weird.

— Testy Bestie

Dear Testy Bestie,

That's hard and I'm sorry. Many friends do grow apart over time. The good news is that life is not a game of musical chairs and you will make new friends. Keep saying hi and making plans and giving compliments and joining activities, and you will find new people. As for Ghost Girl, I don't think it will help to ask her why she's being evasive. But it's up to you whether to issue one more specific invitation to go see a movie or grab a slice or go hiking or attend a concert or bookstore event. If she says sure, great. If she declines, then your best move, sigh, may be to take three steps back and work harder to reach out to new kids. Maybe she'll come around, maybe not, but either way, summer flowers will bloom and you can keep your days sunny.

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by GL | 7/9/2020