Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm really self-conscious about my big boobs!"

Dear Carol, 

I am more than halfway through puberty and my boobs are, let's say, pretty big. I feel really self-conscious about myself all the time. I look at clothing online and, when I buy things, they never look on me the way they do on the models because I don't have small boobs! I feel embarrassed and like my boobs are taking over my life.


Dear Big-Boobed, 

Your boobs are not taking over your life, and you will become more and more comfortable soon, I promise. Many girls feel self-conscious at this stage, and it takes a while to figure out which clothes and tops work best for you. Decide that you can adjust your attitude and take pride in your growing body rather than expecting to look like someone else. I bet you look great. So, head to the bathroom, close the door, look in the mirror, and whisper, "Hey, Gorgeous!" 

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by GL | 8/28/2020