Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my parents won't take away my punishment even though I've changed!"

Dear Carol, 

My parents grounded me—and took my phone—for an entire year! My mom says it’s because I lied to her and kept sneaking around behind her back. I’ll admit that I have. But I’ve changed, and we talked about it, and she says she’s going to give my phone back to me. But it’s been three weeks since we had that convo. Any advice?


Dear Grounded,

Instead of arguing about your phone, can you show your mom that you really have turned over a new leaf? The more respectful you are to your mom, the more respectful she will be to you. Be helpful and supportive, ask how she’s managing, give her a compliment, do dishes, heat up two mugs of cider. Moms are people, too, and she may be feeling weary about, well, everything. I’m sure your mom wants what’s best for you, and I bet she won’t keep you grounded for a year, but depending on where you live and who you’re hanging out with, sneaking out now can be risky not just for you but for your family. As for your phone, ask a specific question. “Mom, remember we talked about my phone? I was wondering when can I have it again? How about Monday?”

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by GL | 10/25/2020